Liz, Jeff and their ADORABLE little Adelyn!

I am SO lucky to be able to meet so many awesome people  and adorable babes through photography.   My coworker put her brother-in-law, Jeff in touch with me when he decided on the BEST surprise gift for his awesome wife.  Liz and Jeff have the most adorable little girl, Adelyn and he knew Liz would want to document this time in their lives!  And that's where I come in!   SO much fun.  We met at the Larz Anderson Park (one of my faves) on the most gorgeous day ever.  Not too hot... not too cold... gorgeous light.. and quiet possibly the most photogenic family ever!

I'm SO glad I got to meet you guys!  Adelyn is too cute and I'm honored to be able to do this for you!  Enjoy!

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I just can't....   Adelyn - you're the cutest!

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Hehee.... LOVE everything about these two pics.   That LOOK she's giving me!!

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At first their were two....

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AND that's a wrap, sweet girl!

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