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 I’m Steph.  I am a family, child, newborn and lifestyle photographer in the Boston area.   I’m also a full time Pediatric Cardiac Nurse and get to take care of the sweetest, strongest children you will ever meet.   I feel SO fortunate to be able to do two completely different things that I love so much!   Most importantly, I'm a wife to my awesome husband, Reid and Mom to the most beautiful and sassy little girl in the world! 

As a mom, I know how fast these years go by. My goal every time I pick up my camera is to capture what is happening RIGHT now.  The real you.  The little in between stuff that makes YOUR family what it is.  Just as you are in THIS moment.   The good stuff that you will want to remember years from now.   The tangible memories that your children will now have forever. 

I strive to make every session causal, fun and stress-free. So let the kids run and play and do their thing.  Laugh with your husband.  Tickle your bouncy little toddler.   Capture that fleeting moment when your new bundle of joy is a sleeping, precious little peanut.   And JUST. HAVE. FUN.  Because life can be crazy and beautiful all at the same time… and that’s the good stuff that you don't want to miss.

I can't wait to chat with you and meet the loves of your life.  Click the Contact page to be in touch!

A little glimpse into what makes up my world!  Plus coffee.  Lots AND LOTS of coffee. 

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