Kate, Alex, and Ben... cutest little boy in the world. Literally.

I love everything about this shoot...   And I've literally never had as hard of a time narrowing down which ones to show you all as I have this time!  It's a combination of the cutest kid in the world, one of my favorite people ever and her awesome husband, and the most perfect fall day ever.  We met up at the Wayside Inn, which is a picture perfect, New England setting.  We just walked around and played in the leaves.  What could be better?

Kate and I work together and she is honestly such an all around good person.  She has this enthusiasm for life that's almost contagious. I think anyone who knows her would agree with me.  And to see her in her element, with her beautiful family is just awesome.  That's a huge part of what I love about this all so much.  I get to witness families at their best and the love between them is so inspiring.  How can that not make you smile??

And little Ben was absolutely perfect... I must've said "I want one JUST like him" five times while we shot.  So while I work on figuring out a way to clone little Ben, I'll show you what I mean!

(Grab a seat and refill your coffee.... this is going to be a long one!)

SEEEEEEE?????   Stop it.  I can't even stand the cuteness.


OK... these next few are HILARIOUS.   Kate and Alex are expecting Ben's little brother or sister.   We asked him where the baby was???    He immediately lifted up his sweater to show his belly.   CAN YOU STAND IT??  So Kate said... 'No Ben... where's the baby??..."   And then you wind up with the third picture. I'm still crying laughing over here.

Thank you guys soooo much!   I hope you love them!!  Kate - the suspense is over!!  xoxo