Emma (and her ridiculously cute little smile) is two!

Oh little Emma...  She is just unbelievably adorable and a TOTAL ham.   Wait until you see.

Kim, Emma and I went out on what feels like the last sunny day in AGES.    (Seriously... enough with the rain all right??!!)  Kim told Emma that we were going for a walk to see all the flowers.  She couldn't wait.   And neither could I.  That's the perfect way I want to shoot.  Just go for a walk, let the kids play... just have it be real.  Nothing forced.  And those are the memories that you want to capture.  Right??   Have you ever heard anyone look at a picture and say   *sighhhh.. "I remember that day.  We forced her to stand next to a giant number 2 in front on a fake backdrop of a fence.   She smiled for the very last picture.. and it was the best day ever!"   Nope.   But I'd like to think that when Kim looks at these pictures years from now, she'll think of a gorgeous sunny day with her bright eyed, excited baby girl.

I'm not kidding that she was all smiles the.. entire... time.

See??   So adorable right??

Smelling all the flowers!

I can't...

I mean... really..

Ok these next two kill me....  Apparently my earring flew out of my ear and I had no clue.  I had no idea what she stopped to pick up.   Emma to the rescue... thanks, Em!

Peak a boo

Quick change... Emma's birthday shirt!

off she goes!


I wasn't kidding with the smile

Emma... how old are you??

sometimes you just need a quick bubble break.

and we're outta here!   So much fun.  Kim - you're the best.   Third birthday pictures??