Might be my favorite family ever - Jess, Mike, Connor and Jude!

I want you to meet one of my favorite families ever.   Jess and Mike are so laid back and their boys, Connor and Jude are just awesome.  They just are this awesome pair and you can tell that they just love everything about their two handsome boys.  I was seriously so excited when Jess asked me to come photograph their family.   Jess is always the one behind the camera (and really good at it!) and never in front of it with her boys where she should be!  That's why I was so happy to be able to do this for them.   These are memories they will now have forever!

We took a walk around Borderland State Park on a gorgeous Spring day.  Packed with beautiful trees, fun rocks to climb.. and horses!   I hope you love them, you guys!  See you Sunday!

My favorite kind of family picture!

Hi.   My name is Jude.   Just practicing my GQ look early.  Look out, world.

I swear I did not give Connor any direction on this one.  He just hopped up in the tree and struck a pose.   Hilarious and I love it.

Quick change into their hipster clothes.

Ok... these last couple absolutely KILL me.   And the bottom left picture makes me almost spit out my coffee laughing every time I see it.   So I showed Connor where I wanted him to stand. "Just like this, Connor, k??" Meanwhile, Jess is behind me laughing, "Connor stand up straight, buddy!"  I honestly took about 10 shots before I realize he took it LITERALLY.  Mimicked my every move. Apparently this is how I look when I shoot.  Even down to the one eye looking through the lens.  HILARIOUS.   But Connor, I'm positive you look way cooler than I do!

Jess and Mike - thank you so much for letting me into your awesome family for the day!