Natasha, Jay, and their adorable blue-eyed kiddos!

I'm excited for you to meet this awesome family.  Natasha and Jay have the most adorable blue-eyed little ones, Brendan and Catelyn!  We met at the beautiful Lynch Park in Beverly and took a stroll (with a few runs here and there... right, Brendan??  CHASE!  CHASE!)   I had so much fun and immediately felt like I had always known Natasha and Jay.  I love that this lets me constantly meet new and awesome people all the time.  So lucky.

I couldn't stop smiling behind the camera because you can just feel the love they all have for each other.  Brendan and Catelyn are sure lucky to have such fun parents who will sprint in circles to hear their kids squeel in excitement (in 90 degree weather!) at the drop of a hat!

It was so great to meet you guys!  I hope you love  these!  xo

Here's Catelyn!  Happiest girl in town.

And Brendan!

This was by far Brendan's favorite part of the day!   He just kept yelling "CHASE!   CHASE!"   I can still hear his giggle as he ran!

I can't help by smiling looking at this next photo!  I know I say it all the time.. but THIS is my kind of family picture!

phew!  Break time after all that running!

And of course... I always love taking a moment every shoot to remember where it all began!

Aaaaand we're done!  Time to play!