Little Miss Mya!

Time to share little Miss Mya with you all!   And how adorable is she??   She recently turned one as is loving exploring everything around her!   I met up with Joy, Michael and Mya at Wakefield Lake to run and play in some leaves.  My favorite thing to do with the little ones this time of year!  Even though it seriously felt like borderline tornado-like winds out there.. you'd never know!  (Ok... maybe I'm exaggerating... maybe).  It didn't stop Mya from having a ball.

Joy and Michael... it was so nice to meet you!!  Hope you love these of your beautiful family!


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"Oh, ya know... just gathering my thoughts...."

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This makes me laugh every time!  "OH NOOO!!  A leaf!  On my ARM!!"

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This happy little strawberry is excited that Halloween is finally almost here!!  And really... who needs candy when you have Ritz Crackers right?

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