Emily Charlotte... Our world

HIIII!!!  So I know I've fallen off the grid (or blog) for a bit now.  But with good reason!  Meet our new little love, Emily Charlotte.    She is seriously the sweetest baby and I think I might say how fortunate we are every day.  (Now.. disclaimer.   She was 2 weeks old in these pictures and is now 2 months!  But that's what happens with lack of sleep, baby brain, and an excited pup who still needs loads of attention! )  Looking at these pictures now is crazy to me because she has already changed so much!  She is smiling and cooing and I'm loving every second of it.  I love our little family and there is nothing better than watching her smile up at her Daddy every day.  I just need time to slow down!

But without further adu... here is her newborn shoot!  Let me tell ya.. it's hard photographing your own kid!  But I love it.  And she luckily (and not surprisingly) is not camera shy one bit!  Here is our pretty little girl, Emily Charlotte.  (And of course a few of her best bud, and our first baby, Bauer.  Would you expect anything different??)


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Little peak into her nursery!

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Bauer of course wanted his turn!

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 I'm sure this is what he looks like to her as she looks up at him!  But she smiles every time!

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Best buds...  A girl and her puppy.

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