Maggie and her proud big brothers!

Meet pretty Miss Maggie!   There's nothing sweeter (and yes.. exhausting) than the first few days home with a new baby.  It's like everything is new again and all you want to do is stare at their perfect little face!

I met Amy through our mutual friend, Kate and I'm SOOOO glad she introduced us!  I felt like I had known her and her husband, Ross forever when I spent a few hours at their house capturing their little love.   Thanks for being so welcoming!   And her adorable big brothers are so proud of her!  Lucky little girl will always be protected!

So glad I got to capture this time for you guys!  I hope you will always cherish these!  xo


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I LIVE for capturing real life!

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And you all know I'm a sap for the four legged first babies!

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Like baby - like pup!  I think Maggie has a best friend already.

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