Garvin Family Cousins!

Pink and green plaid and a whole lot of adorable!

Showing up and seeing a sea of pink and green plaid and pink bows 100% made me day...not gonna lie.   Viki asked me to shoot pictures of her kids, Maeve and Brendan and their five cousins for Christmas!  I was excited...  And totally up for the challenge of shooting seven kids at once.  SEVEN.  Yup.   So I headed over to Viki's house on a gorgeous fall Saturday morning not too long ago.  We just took a stroll with the kids around the lake and they were awesome.  They really just wanted to go check out the ducks or skip rocks in the water but were great at humoring me and my camera.  This is a yearly tradition for these kids and I'm so glad to have been a part of this year.  It was so nice to meet you all!

And Viki... thanks for always pushing me to make this happen!   xoxo

I love outtakes.   They are real life.

So funny... not sure what is happening in the one on the left.  Look at all of their faces.  Clearly I was about to fall or get eaten by a bear or something.

Birth order... love it.