Meet my little buddy, Nick (and his phone call to Saint Nick!)

Andrew and my husband have been friends since they could walk basically (ok.. maybe a slight exaggeration??   But close to it).  I have known Andrew since the day I met Reid.  He is just an all around great guy and I'm not surprised one bit that they have remained best friends all these years.  And I will never forget when he met Joanna!  She had recently moved into the house next door to him  (although I still wish "next door" was in Boston)   On one fateful Thanksgiving Eve nights, they struck up a conversation.  And the rest was history.  She was perfect for him and Andrew married "the girl next door."  But not before he proposed to her while skydiving with a "MARRY ME, JOANNA!" banner waiting for her at the bottom!  Amazing.

Exactly a year to the day that they said "I do," they welcome little Nick into their family!  How cool is that??  And I can't even begin to tell you how adorable he is!  Seriously... I'm kinda obsessed with him.  You'll see.

Joanna has been so awesome and excited for me to be making this happen.  She was always saying, "I want to see Nick on the blog!" and I was dying for the chance to take his pictures!  Well.. finally here he is!

Little muffin... I could eat him up.   So freakin cute!

See??  Never fails.. Kids stick their tongue out at me at least once in every shoot!  Conspiracy I tell ya..

Seriously, Joanna and Andrew????  Could you have made a CUTER kid?

Just when you thought it doesn't get any more adorable... here comes little Saint Nick himself!

:sigh::     To be a kid at Christmas time...

I don't quite know why... but I LOVE the one on the right..

I mean.....    just LOOK at his eyes.


Time to call Santa!

Andrew and Joanna... hope you guys love them!  It was so good to see you guys the other day.   Remember... drinks when we're in CT for Christmas pleeease!