Jackie, John and cool Christian (rockin' his scally cap)!

Jackie and I became the sisters we never had around sixth grade.  My name last name was Black... hers was White.  People always think I'm kidding when I say that my step-dad's name is White.  (I mean really... what are the odds.  But it's true!)  So... we became known as "the black and white sisters who lived in the black and white house."  Being only 2 months apart we wound up having two of everything. Bunk beds... matching desks...matching dressers.  It was pretty awesome all of the sudden having a step-sister that was my age.  We fought like any sisters would... stole each other's clothes.  But were inseparable at the same time.  Life gets hectic and a lot of time had passed since we had seen each other... but I was so so excited when she asked me to come down and take pictures of her family!  It was like no time had passed at all.

Jackie and John have been together foreverrrrr.  In high school, I remember John pulling up in front of the house to pick her up and speeding away in his red sports car.  And now many years later, they just celebrated their TEN year wedding anniversary.  (I gotta say.. every time I write one of these posts and think about how long ago things were, how fast time flies,  it blows my mind.   I want to know how to get one of those time-freeze-moments like Zach Morris got all the time.)

So we headed down to this gorgeous pond walking distance from their house with their adorable son, Christian.   Wait til you see him rockin' his little scally cap.  Just so cute!