Here Goes Nothin'!

This is it... I'm doing it.  A blog.   Ok bear with me.. I have always been "the girl with the camera" since I can remember.  No one brought their camera anywhere I was because I would always have one... back in the days when I'd say, "don't worry... I'll make doubles at one hour photo."  I totally asked for a teal Polaroid camera with a yellow shutter for my birthday (man.. I really wish I knew what happened to that?).  For high school graduation, some people hope for a new car.  I got a video camera.... yea one of those ones that you had to put a mini VHS tape into and pretty much sat on my shoulder.  (I have a stack of those tapes from college....  it's probably a good thing that you can't find a VCR now if you tried).

Anyway... fast forward a lot of years and Reid and I were planning our wedding (sigh.. :))  Finding a photographer was my absolute favorite part of the whole wedding planning process, and after our (fabulous) wedding this past June, I didn't want that part (or any of it for that matter) to end.  So with the help of our amazing wedding photographer, Kat Hanafin, I'm determined to be damn good at this!

So a big thank you to my beautiful, lifelong friend Nikkie and husband Jamie for letting me photograph their adorable children.  Lola is an absolute ham in front of the camera, full of personality and a love for Justin Bieber.  Just love her.   Jamie... just face it.  You're doomed when she's a teenager.  Luckily she'll have a little brother to help fight the boys off.  Lola has been a great big sister to their new addition, Asher.  He is absolutely perfect.  Nik and Jamie... you make beautiful children :)    Can this photo shoot be a yearly tradition??

Be prepared to be bombarded with a million pictures.  I actually think I'm kinda proud of them. And that makes me happy.

Stop it... baby perfection

Kisses... she totally loves him

And he totally adores her back... just look at them.

Pretty Lola Bean

See what I mean???    So pretty.

big sis... lil bro

peak a boo!

I know... baby feet.  So cute.   I can't help it.

Yellow roses for their Meme

Lucy had to make an appearance!

Smiles.... ok maybe gas.  But I'm going with smiles.

Oh, hello...


What is happening?!  I'm in a pocket.   These fools are crazy.

This one absolutely kills me.  every. time.

Ok Dad... I'm wiped.   Are we done yet?   Oh and sorry for pooping on your uniform...  Sir.

I'm totally in love with this picture.

I can't even.  Seriously??    He just did this... I almost died.

Phew... done.   Back with Mom.  Get me away from this crazy lady.

So fun.   Thanks Nik, Jamie, Lola and Asher (and Lucy).    Love you guys.  xoxo