Welcome to the World, Abigail!

March 1st 2012 was an awesome day... for real. We left early that morning to sign our lives away and finally get the keys to our first house (wohooo!).  After popping a bottle of champagne in our empty living room, I told Mike to come by since the sheer excitement would surely send Kristin into labor :)  Turns out, the little Bean was already on her way....  GET OUT! For real?!?   A new niece and house in the first day!  Amazingness (yes..I'm making up words so what).  That night my brother and sister-in-law brought lil Abigail into the world.  They have been absolute naturals since the beginning... amazing parents.  She is one lucky lil lady.

Meet Abby... my perfect little niece :)

"Ok I'll do this... but just ONE picture."sigghhhh... it's tiring being so cute.hmm.. still not so sure what's going on here.  I thought I said one picture??Ok you ready.... ?

here comes some serious cute-nessmore yawns... seriously.  Its hard work, this whole real world thing.aaaaand more :)

Abby was born a Sox fan

and she's so excited about it....

wait for it...


wait for it...!

I can't handle it.

Fist pump

Ok time to snuggle with Mom and Dad...

Beautiful family :)

So so so so happy for you guys!!  I mean it.. she is a lucky lil lady.    Love you miss Abby!