Jess and (almost) Ellie!

Jess... my amazing, beautiful friend. I have been lucky enough to call her a friend since the second grade.   It all  started when our teacher made us partner up one day and draw a picture each other.  I'm sure my picture didn't even remotely resemble her - I don't remember.  But I do remember I had on a polka dot shirt with a GI-NORMOUS  flower pin with a bumble bee... hovering over the flower...  on a pipe cleaner.  Really??    I'm sure I owe our friendship to my amazing fashion sense and terrible drawing skills.

I also can remember sleep overs at her house like it was yesterday.  We would all line up our sleeping bags in every spare inch of the living room and watch Fear... every.single. time.   I can't think of Marky Mark without thinking of those sleep overs (or the Funky Bunch) to this day.

For those of you that know Jess, you know that she was absolutely destined to be a mother.  She was born to do this.  I can't wait until she welcomes little Ellie into this world.  She is one lucky baby.  

Love you happy to now live exactly 4min and 30 seconds away!

So pretty, Jess :)


These are so her... love it.

There she is!!  Hurry up and get here

Brian... you're in for it :)