Tucker, Reese and Jackson (and a cupcake date!)

KateDanielleSarah... pretty much one word if you ask me :)   We started out as co-workers but became instant lifelong friends.   We could tell each other what the other had for dinner, or what we were getting our mother-in-law's for Christmas without missing a beat.  Every detail of our lives.  We've been through 4 engagements, 4 weddings, 4 houses, 4 going-back-to-schools, and 3 going on 6 babies (no no.. not me...  You will all meet Kate and Danielle's new babies on here soon enough!)  It's so amazing to watch friends go through each big life event one by one.   They will all tell you they remember the exact day that I came to work and said "ummm.... sooo I met a guy."  Fast forward 8 years and I'm married to that "guy" and couldn't be happier when I think back on all those years  -  I love that they could probably replay them all with me. Sooo...many a'Margarita dates and laugh-until-you-cry (nostril flaring) moments later over the years, our latest date was a picnic at the playground with Kate and Sarah's kiddos.  It was perfect.   I've loved watching them turn into amazing Moms!

Meet Tucker.. he loves the camera

And pretty Reese...

Big brother and lil' sis...   oh the lies and bribes we had to make up to get this picture!  "Come look at the ducks!!  Over here!!  I see one!  Ok now sit... right.. there."  Sarah and I probably sounded like maniacs if anyone was listening!  But I love what we got... they are so sweet.

I can't even...

Meanwhile.... Jackson was loving every second of the playground.   He's about to be a big brother very soon!!!

This is some serious see-saw concentration right there ...

Just look at that smile!!!  I can't handle it... too stickin' cute for words.

"Oh who me??  Sit here and look cute??  No problem."

love love LOVE this one.  So handsome.

Ok you read for this??

It was time to take a break from the slide and have some cupcakes.    I think it's young love over frosting and cupcakes!  Stop it.  So cute.

Look who I found hiding under the picnic table!

Oh to be a kid again...

Deep thought.. pondering what to play on next.  Or maybe how he could manage to get another cupcake?

Love you guys and your adorable kids.  Hope these make you guys smile and freeze this memory :)