Ellie is here! ... and she's absolutely perfect :)

Yesterday morning I thought my Keurig was a goner...  and for those of you that know me know this is a complete and utter tragedy.  Low and behold...  this morning,  Reid came to the rescue and  realized it was just a fuse.   YESSSS.   I know I know... why didn't I think of that yesterday morning??   I'm just going to blame it on the lack of caffeine haze.

Anyway... while I sit here with my delicious cup of coffee, I want you all to meet Ellie.   Remember my beautiful friend Jess and her maternity shoot (here)??  Well - she's here!  And she's completely perfect.  Like I said in the last post, Jess was absolutely destined to welcome Ellie into this world.  She is already such an amazing mother to this lucky little babe and it makes me so happy to watch.  And it is so amazing to see Brian look at Ellie like she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.  I couldn't be more over-the-moon happy for you guys.


Already wrapped around his finger :)

Their first baby.   Frisky Cat wanted to know what all the fuss was about

Ellie is like a little doll... just perfect.

Love you guys!

(Brian... thanks for being such a good sport about this.   I definitely owe you a beer :)

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