Lil miss Haley and her proud big brother, Jackson!!

ou all remember adorable Jackson and our day at the park??  Well, my dear friends Kate and Mike welcomed his little sister, Haley into the world!!  I am so so happy for them.   It just feels like yesterday that Kate came into work and showed me her hand and her gorgeous new ring.. and of course I screamed!  (ok... after I said "oooh new nail polish??.... that's how non-functional I am before my morning coffee.  Springs hottest color, right?? ).    That was FIVE years ago??  (I can't handle how fast time flies sometimes!)  Kate is just one of those people that makes my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing after spending 5 minutes with.  I'm so lucky to have her in my life :) Anyway, the last few years have flown and I couldn't be happier for them and their growing, beautiful family.  Love you guys.

Remember this handsome face??

Boy after my own heart!!   I can't even handle it....

So... my photographer side kick is a big brother!

And he loves her :)

Meet pretty Haley!

Hello gorgeous!

Baby yawns get me every time!

Time for more kisses!

Meanwhile... while Haley was finishing up her little shoot,  Jackson was mowing the lawn!  Nice job buddy :)