Carla and Shawn... Engaged!!

THANK you Mother Nature!  It was raining buckets... I mean BUCKETS the morning of their shoot.   We went back and forth a million times to reschedule or go for it.  I'm so happy we went for it!  It was an ab-solutely gorgeous night. What can I say?   Carla and Shawn are awesome.   You can just tell by the way they look at each other that they are completely in love.  They were 100% at ease... just enjoying every second of being together.  I feel so lucky to have been able to document their love, right now, at this very second of their lives for them.   We took a walk around the Public Gardens and gorgeous Beacon Hill and had a blast.  You guys rock... so so happy for you guys!  October will be here before you know it!!

Warning people... this post is going to be a long one.  I don't want to narrow them down any more!


Love this.

So pretty, Carla.

Quick change!

So GQ, Shawn...

Work it, Carla.

Ahh.. pretty light

Told you... a million pictures but I don't care :)

Carla & Shawn.... hope you love them!!  You guys are perfect for each other!