Kate, Dave and adorable Fiona, the coolest kid on the beach!

Kate and Dave are just awesome, awesome people; the type of people that you just want to be around.  They are the perfect match and compliment each other so well.  Watching them interact as family is so inspiring.  They just get it.  I love that you can tell that they are absolutely infatuated with their little Fiona, and still the love they have for each other is so present in everything they do.   And don't get me started on Fiona!   She might be the coolest 1 year old I know.  I'm not even exaggerating.  So funny.

I was so excited when Kate asked me to do this shoot.   We had it booked months in advance and I've been dyyyying to show you all these pictures!   We had an absolutely gorgeous day down on Duxbury Beach.   (For the record, my heart will always be in the South Shore.)

Special thanks to Lisa from Little Ette Designs for Fiona's adorable headbands!

Meet Fiona... cutest little thing ever.

Gorgeous family!

Love this <3

Love this... this is so Kate's laugh.

There's just something about daddy - daughter moments..

I'll leave you with this... the coolest kid on the beach.  Can you stand it??