Home is where your family is :) Gillon's Grant's and Greer's!

I feel like I grew up part of this family.  I know I speak for all of our friends when I say Carol and Charlie were like second parents to all of us.   I've definitely said this before on here, but times spent at their house are some of my favorite childhood memories!   Carol has been one of my biggest supporters of this photography dream of mine and I couldn't be more grateful.  I was so honored to be able to capture these pictures of their beautiful children and grandchildren!

Here are Bri and Adam's beautiful kiddos - Caitlin and Colton.  Could they be cuter?

And you all know Ellie!  She now takes the cake for my most photographed baby!  She's taking a lil snooze until it's her turn!

So gorgeous, Jess.



Hope you guys love them!!  xoxo