Kate, Alex, Ben and Theo! Theo's Baby Naming Ceremony and a whole lotta love!

 You may all recognize this gorgeous family from the bloggity blog before... if not, go look!   Kate, Alex and Ben just became a family of four by welcoming Theo into the world!  I couldn't be happier for them.  And when Kate asked me to come photograph a very special day in little Theo's life, I was beyond honored.   I didn't know much about what a Baby Naming was all about before this day.  I just knew that the Baby Naming is an important milestone and Jewish tradition that takes place on the 11th day after birth.  I honestly can't say enough how much I loved being a part of it all!  Theo's Baby Naming was an intimate ceremony in their gorgeous home surrounded by family and friends.   You could just feel the love in the room for this little boy every where you looked.  I don't think I stopped smiling behind my camera all day!

Kate's family was nothing but welcoming to me from the second I walked in the door!   Kate's sister, Kim knew the way right to my heart by immediately asking how I take my coffee!   And, for the record, I also can't say enough how much I love seeing photograph's I've been lucky enough to capture hanging on the wall!  Means the world to me and I'm so so glad I'm able to do this again for you guys!   There are MANY more where these came from, but I hope that this little sampling (ok.. maybe not so little but I couldn't narrow down!) helps you re-live the day!  And that you can show Theo how much he was loved that day!

And then there were four!

Just TRY to be a little less photogenic, you two.   :)

Hi, Theo!



Quick little break for the babe of honor!  And then it's time for the ceremony!