Pretty Penny!

Meet pretty little Penelope!   I know Penny's lucky parents, Tamara and Patrick through my brother and sister-in-law and they are just awesome people.   I felt like they were my own friends the day we met years ago.  (It's so true that good people surround themselves with good people.  Ya know what I mean??) When I was just literally starting out and only had a handful of pictures to show for it, (and Penny was just a little basketball in mommy's belly) Tamara was so excited to do this shoot!  That meant the world to me!  Feels like forever that I've been dying to little Penny to make her debut!!

 She wasn't the biggest fan of my camera in her adorable little face  at first but she still worked it!  Look at those baby blue eyes.. can you stand it??  So pretty.


"Oh - why hello world!  I'm HERRRRREE!!"


Tamara and Patrick - I'm sorry! I can't help it.  This one KILLS me everytime I see it.     "WHAAAAAT is this lady putting on my head?!?"

It's the little things....

And can't forget about Madison and Baloo!



:)  xoxo