Katia, Dave and sweet little Davio!

Davio seriously might be one of the cutest little boys EVER.   I know... I say "cutest ever" a lot on here but I mean COME ON.   Wait til you see him.  His parents, Katia and Dave are just awesome and the three of them (going on 4!) make the most adorable family ever.   I met them at their gorgeous house a couple weeks back and Davio was instantly all smiles and hamming it up for me.  And can I tell you how excited I was to see the coolest , rustic looking barn ever right on their street??

I've been so lucky that all of these amazing people in my life have been just as excited I am to do these shoots.  It's like this instant, comfortable vibe every time.   I love it.  I honestly say "I could do this every day" every time I'm shooting.  This time was obviously no different :)

Anyway, enough of my rant!  Meet handsome little Davio!

Davio is going to be a big brother!!

His face is priceless!

Now I feel like I can officially pop open that Romano home made red wine!!  Yessss   Thanks guys!  Hope you love them :)