Grady, Hayden and Ava!!

I was so excited when Kelley asked me to do these pictures.   It had been ridiculously long since I'd seen them and it was so good to catch up and see their adorable kids.  Kevin is my step-brother and I can remember being kids like it was yesterday.  It just makes me so happy to see him as a Dad.  They are such an adorable family.  I drove down the their house to just capture their life as it is, right at this very second.  That's the stuff I love.  The kids playing in the yard, their dog hanging out on the back deck.  Just real -everyday -chasing after kids - laughing while you do it- kind of day.

Do they make beautiful kids or what??

Meet Ava!

And Hayden..

And big brother, Grady!

Ava strutting her stuff..


Love these, you two...

Nebraska wanted in on the fun too!

HILARIOUS...  I love this.   See ya, Hayden!

Grady's embarrassed after giving Mom a flower.... too cute.


Kevin and Kelley -  thank you so much for asking me to do this for you guys!  Hope you love them.  And it was so good to see you :)