Little man, Jack!

You all remember beautiful, glowing Kathryn (click here if you missed it!) while she waited for Jack to arrive!  Well...he's here!  And adorable as ever!  He's suchh a little man!

 Ever wonder what a baby is thinking about when we're fussing over them?  Making weird baby talk noises and weirdo faces like a crazy person just to get a little smile.  Well Jack is a man of many expressions - I feel like he can tell you an entire story with a look.  It's so funny.   And he is so calm and happy!  He was perfectly content with me in his face and was just trying to figure it all out.  He even flashed a few smiles my way.  Thanks, buddy!

Remember how I said Kathryn just has this calming way about her?  Well it's 10 fold now.  She is just so calm, cool and collected with Jack and it's awesome.  I'm so happy for you and Chris!  Enjoy every second of it (I know you are!)

Ok, enough of my yapping.  Here's Jack!

Oh hi there, bud!

Totally content... taking it all in...

He's all, "Cute??  I'll show you cute."

Annnnd he's worn out... time for a quick snooze.   Snug as a bug.

 "No prob... lemme flash you a little dimple while I sleep.  I got this."

And he's up!  Holding my head up and rolling over at 9 weeks.  pshhh no big deal.

Ok you ready for this....???

No seriously... cuteness overload.

 Can you even stand it???  Too much.

Congrats again, Kathryn and Chris!  He's absolutely perfect!