Jackson and Haley are back!

Good Morning!  You all remember Jackson and Haley right??  You first met them while the world was still patiently waiting for Haley to arrive!  And then shortly after she made her debut!  And NOW look at them.  After all this time it still amazes me to see how quickly babies learn and change over the first few months.  Just look at Haley... her smile is contagious.  I was smiliing ear to ear behind my camera the whole time.  Kate I love watching your family grow over the years.  You're an amazing Mom and I love you!

(Side note... we had to change where we were going to shoot spur of the moment due to the misery of traffic that is on 95 most days.  So we wound up at what sounded like a perfect little park in Burlington.  So here we are walking into a big open field and we enter the twilight zone.  I think we said "what is happening right now?" 15 times hysterically laughing.  So typical.  Now this was no small field.  It was huge... partially mowed into weird runway kinda things.   Way across the field was a guy on a riding lawn mower, and an old man sitting in a lawn chair flying a remote control airplane.   Whaaaat??  So we walk up to ask where we should go....   initially there were crickets....  But they nicely directed us to another little park and we left them to mow runways for remote control airplanes.   Poor Jackson just wanted to play in the woods!  Day in the life... :)

Anyway... here's Haley!  Look at how big that smile is.  Love it.

Little brotherly love :)

While Haley watches her big brother, Jackson and I go play on the rocks..

So handsome, Jackson!

Oh and what's a girl without a fluffy tu-tu??

"Mom... what IS this thing??"