Tucker, Reese, (Guinness of course!) and their awesome parents!

"Oh Mrs. Willllllson!!!"     Sarah is one of my dearest friends that you've definitely heard me go on and on about before... here!  She is just such a good person.  When Sarah asks how things are with you, she honestly and truly cares about every word and happening in your life!  I feel so lucky to have met Sarah nine (NINE!?!) years ago and have watched her get engaged, married, buy a house, and grow her beautiful family with Jesse.  Even as life gets so crazy and hectic, we always manage to take a time out once in a while for some margaritas and catch up sessions with the girls.

Sarah and Jesse have been together foreverrrrrr.   I mean forever.  (When you have your prom pictures together to look back on, you know you've got something special).  They are two people I aspire to be like as a parent someday!  They truly get that being a parent is so special and so fun.  Sarah texted me the other day that they are "loving EVERY moment with them!"   Now that's what its all about.

Anyway... here are the Wilsons!   Even Guinness is smiling!

These are the kind of family pictures that I LOVE.  Just let it happen!

I personally think every girl needs a big brother in her life.  And it doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Little Miss Reese.  So pretty!

(Sarah totally brought the bubble maker to keep the kids entertained.  But it made for some pretty pictures!)



Now that's my idea of a tree house..

Tuck ... did you not expect me not to climb in the tree house with you guys??   Surprise!

Just look at the way Reese looks at Tucker!  So cute...

And officially meet the other member of the family.. Guinness!  Pups are always welcome in family shots... especially if they are boxers.. naturally!

There are seriously no words for how much I love these next two pictures.  So sweet, Guinness!  I can just hear Reese's little voice saying "Come here, Boy."